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Dec 12

Runs at books

Category: Life

So, I’ve been known to take “runs” at books. For whatever reason, certain books, at certain points in my life, feel like running up a steep hill. Sometimes, I don’t make it up the first time, or the second… or the third… I can literally take years to get through certain books. I can get two-hundred pages in and just stop, for a very long time, and when I pick it back up, I start over. I don’t do this because they’re bad books, it’s the opposite, I think they’re great books, even important books, books that need read. It’s just, if I don’t feel focused, it seems like a waste. I don’t want to waste one of the potentially important books. If it takes years, it takes years. Once I feel like my head’s in the right place, I fly over that hill.

Over the next little while, I’ll chat about some good books, some truly important books, and two books that I’ll hate until I quit breathing.

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  1. mary December 14th, 2013 5:02 am

    I’m reading Born on the Fourth of July (they made that into a movie with Tom Cruise) Man, it’s such a great book. I was surprised but not really. I think I was more surprised I hadn’t read it..