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Mar 13

Visual Metaphor: Immortality

Queen of the Damned is definitely a terrible movie, definitely a terrible adaption of a decent book. It’s so wrong in so many ways, and yet, I watch it. I watch it because it does do a few things right, such as the film’s final sequence…

I think it’s such a gorgeous visual metaphor for immortality, it perfectly illustrates how time only flies for we who die.

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  1. Rachel March 14th, 2009 1:06 am

    See, I felt that Queen of the Damned was easily the worst, most boring on the series. Obviously, the movie could have and should have been much better… But they didn’t have much to work with. :-\
    They really should have just made The Vampire Lestat, without all the rockstar crap, and skipped Queen. I hope that rumour of Tale of the Body Thief becoming a movie is true – that book was amazing.