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The weight of time

March 02nd, 2009 | Category: Life

Lately, I can feel the weight of time, it’s like a lead blanket on my chest. I’m Quentin Compson and I can feel time, it’s a rock tied to my body, pulling me toward the bottom of the Charles River. Time doesn’t feel abstract, or arbitrary. Time is palpable, unflinching. Time is a zombie that you can’t shoot in the head, or burn. The cross didn’t kill Christ, time did. The clock is killing me one minute at a time, just like you.

If I died tomorrow, I wouldn’t feel content on my way out. Right now, I feel like Jack’s wasted life. I haven’t found the love of my life, I haven’t written my book. If I really think about what’s important to me, all I really want is to fall asleep at night holding a woman I love, and to write consistently well. Of course, time doesn’t particularly care about such things, time gives no guarantees to anyone. For me, time isn’t an excuse for failure, it’s a maddening force that drives me, frustrates me, and often terrifies me.

What do you want before time crushes you?