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It’s December!

December 05th, 2012 | Category: Life

So, it’s December… This blog is renewed for another year… I quit Monica almost a year ago… I started seeing this girl again, and I aim to be with her a year from right now, and another, and another, and so on. December’s a weird month. It’s fun, and presents, and shiny lights, and candy canes, but it’s also looking back at the eleven months before, successes, failures, wins, losses. It’s been kind of a shitty, awful year. I feel like I should list all the bad things, “for the record,” this blog is a record of me, proof that I existed after I quit breathing. I just don’t want to, it’s all here anyways. I don’t feel like wasting the words, again.

Still, good things are around, have happened.

I’m with someone wonderful, and it feels really spectacular. I’ve quit her so many times, but never for any reason that was real, she really ought to hate me. I’d hate me. She doesn’t hate me though, she loves me, and I love her. We like the same stuff, we have fun together, we’re more happy together than not. That’s love. Love isn’t supposed to be difficult, or sad, or inherently sacrificial. It’s supposed to be watching scary movies together, going places, doing things, together. It’s fun, not a torment. Not lonely. I forgot that, she reminded me. She reminds every day.

Also, President Obama won his second term.

2012 in Summary: Sucked, but is ending great.