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Writing is hard

September 05th, 2013 | Category: Life

So, I continue to be pleasantly shocked by all the post ideas, I really didn’t expect so many. Thank you! If you have more, send more. The more ideas the better, I’m definitely writing them.

Today was just not my day for finishing anything. Everything was really hectic, people in and out of my room, I kept having to answer tedious, yet necessary e-mail. It was just not a day for the quality kind of writing I am trying to post. Writing just isn’t an easy craft, it’s actually really hard. It requires solitude, a comfortable space that feels safe, completely yours. Loud music, soft music, even no music if that’s your mood. People around who offer encouragement when you need it, and solitude when you don’t. Writing is a solitary, lonely craft. Connections to people mostly come after the physical act of writing is finished, especially for me. Not being able to speak, I can’t type my conversation and type my craft at the same time. That can be really frustrating, having to choose where to spend my words, my time. Limited time, vanishing time.

Tomorrow should be better.