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What I want

April 09th, 2009 | Category: Life

I don’t want Sara back (the ex-girlfriend), but I want that life back, a life bigger than my little room in Tampa. I want that connection to someone. Nothing feels as good as falling asleep holding a woman I love, everything else is just a fix. Then, of course, I want to publish spectacular writing. Things that people will remember. My craft is absolutely important to me, and it’s brutal to feel like I’m losing it.

If I can ever effectively type again, I don’t doubt that I can have these things, and more. It’s amazing what I can do with words, words create reality. I don’t regret being depressed over Sara, such experiences happen, whether we want them or not. I ultimately value even the darkest experiences, writers are kind of sadistic that way. I do, however, regret wasting so much time while I was depressed over her.