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To give an idea

April 22nd, 2009 | Category: Life

So, to give an idea of what I can do with a switch when the switch works, here’s a video of me from back in the day, a year before I quit the world of speaking people. I’ve changed so much since then, I’m not that person anymore. I want to think I’m something better, but I don’t know.


NeuroSwitch Q&A

April 22nd, 2009 | Category: Life

A reader asked…

“How much faster are you than the typical user? Is there a way to gauge that?”

Okay, with my forehead, I can tap the switch twenty-four individual times in eight seconds. For every other NeuroSwitch user that kind of movement is considered a muscle spasm, and it’s filtered into a single tap. For me, however, the movements are deliberate and accurate.

So, Peter Shann Ford is having to write a lot of new code to make NeuroSwitch responsive enough for me. Fortunately, Peter’s a genius, and he said he’s not leaving until he gets it right.