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November 29th, 2008 | Category: Life

So, I’ve slept most of today, which is bizarre at best, but last night was kind of… bad. I didn’t end up falling asleep until about 6 AM. I’ve been having odd dreams. I’ll wake up in my dream and find that can’t reach the little switch that controls my computer, and I can’t yell for help. Then, in the dream I tell myself it has to be a dream, but I can’t make myself wake up. Lots of other bad dreams, just fragments about Sara. I hope that these fragmented nightmares give me something good to write. I dreamed the beginning of a short-story too, but just a few lines.

He looks at you through cold blue-green eyes. The light has gone out of him, but he’s not dead.

I really like the sentences, but I don’t really know what’s next.