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A sexy lamp and my death

August 17th, 2009 | Category: Life,Random Thought

So, here’s my end of a conversation I had earlier with my friend, Kim. My half of any conversation is generally always written in text. I don’t necessarily capitalize everything properly, but I always try to stick with proper grammar and punctuation.

Kim and I are talking about a lamp she recently gave me, the predicted circumstances of my death, and how my death will affect our pact to marry if we’re still single at forty.

nothing romantic was going on in this room until that lamp. apparently, I needed a boost. :-p It’s the lamp! Perhaps the lamp is like Dumbo and the feather? exactly. like, 22 years ago. face it, we’re old. we’re close. Celeste explained to me today that I’m going to die at 39 when we go to Spain. I’m going to be drunk on sherry and trampled by bulls. after the juice incident, when I was in the icu, she said I didn’t have to worry because bulls are going to kill me. so, today I asked when and how. she says she’s never wrong. so, let’s get married IN Spain, then you get to be a widow. We’re going to be there a week, then I die. We can get married on day 2. Not murdered, just drunk and trampled.