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Okay, so… waiting

November 04th, 2013 | Category: Life

Okay, so, I DID doze off and woke up at 4:34 am, but I hadn’t slept in two-ish days, and I had a busy night…

Last night, I got a new tattoo that takes up much of my leg, then my friend, Colt, was nice enough to touch up three that faded. He has done around half of my tattoos, he’s spectacular.  I’ll post about the new tattoo after my trach change, unless by some off chance I accidentally die. This is unlikely.

I’m waiting to go back for the trach right now, the waiting is almost worse than actually getting it done. It’s really something you just want over, you don’t want to sit, thinking about it three hours. Though, that’s pretty much how it goes.

So, I wait, thinking about someone I love, thinking about her eyes. So much sunshine in those latte-colored eyes, sunshine enough to chase away all my dark.