My Whole Expanse I Cannot See…

I formulate infinity stored deep inside of me…

Aug 13

One passing dusk

Category: Creative Flash

He looks at her while she’s sleeping, sleeping next to him. It’s barely light out, the sky is pale grey mixed with soft orange, a melancholy rain tickles the ground outside of his bedroom window.  It’s dusk out, peaceful, and she looks so beautiful in the fading light.  Her eyes are closed, her breathing is easy, and looking at her, he wishes time would stop. He wishes time would leave them alone awhile, would just let them be together in that perfect dusk awhile longer.

Time doesn’t listen to wishes, it doesn’t listen to prayers. Time moves as fast or as slow as it wants, and it never stops, it just washes over us until we drown in it. Looking at her in the almost-dark, holding her close, he feels time rushing by. He loves her, madly and deeply, deeper because he feels the tide of time rising up until one day it will consume everything.

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