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Nov 2

Rules for suicide

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So, let’s say God is real and suicide is definitely a one way trip to Hell. I wonder if falling asleep and not wanting to wake up counts as being suicidal.

I wonder if drug overdoses, or over-indulging in brandy is enough to end up swimming in the Lake of Fire. I wonder how much intent matters to God. I mean, consciously we know that overdoses are very possible, but I don’t know that most people expect to enjoy their vice and die.

I wonder if not wanting to live is the same as actively taking steps to die. I wonder if suicide can be passive.

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  1. wendychloe November 2nd, 2008 6:52 pm

    Hmm. It may be better worded as unintentional/accidental versus passive. I personally believe that suicide is intentional. Killing yourself unintentionally, would constitute being accidental. As for God’s judgement on this; I think He takes into account the state of mind and the individuals heart in each case.

    I think the #1 rule for suicide? If you’re thinking about it, you’re depressed…and need help.